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in this is a res diness hallowing of the force. although we learned lessons each , beetimena ff to r what e isime for rees we have incredible young men and women in qiewn form, so the personnel side is good. we got -- our equipment has been recapitalized and reset over time so equipment is adequate, and we don't want to stop modernizing. where we suffer now is in readiness. we are not training to the level we should be training because of sequestering and the mechanism. each draw down is the much lower start point. the army, a million men in uniform in vietnam down to 781 by the end of the 70s. sttr 781 th 1990s toy 500,000. today, we start at 40. we'll be at 490 in the army active as a result of the budget control act 487. that's where you start from to observe sequestering. you got to remember that. >> thank you very much, general, and thank you, all, for your testimony. >> thank you very much, senator king. just one quick reference, a reference to article 60. i believe that you consider generic changes in terms of the community convening authority's power not just relating to sexual assault,
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1